Welcome to Dr. Westmeier!

Your specialists in nuclear spectrometry and applications of nuclear measurements

Dr. Westmeier is your reliable partner since over 30 years in all questions related to:

  • Gamma-ray spectrometry
  • Alpha-particle spectrometry
  • Radon-measurement
  • Dosimetry and
  • Radiation protection

From the year 2022 on I will slow down activities of Dr. Westmeier GmbH and change its legal form. The limited company “Dr. Westmeier GmbH” will be transferred into the sole proprietorship company “Dr. Westmeier”. The new company will strive to support your needs as best we can and you can reach us as before:

mail: Dr. Westmeier, Möllner Weg 5, D-35085 Ebsdorfergrund (Germany)
e-mail: westmeier@t-online.de
Telephone: +49 6424 923 000
FAX: +49 6424 923 002