ALPS Software

ALPS for Windows provides high precision analysis of alpha spectra from gridded ionisation chambers and semiconductor detectors (surface barrier, PIPS, ULTRA and other ion-implanted detectors). ALPS is especially noted for its ease of use and for its ability to accurately deconvolute very closely lying peaks such as the peaks from the Pu-239 and Pu-240 multiplet.

It is the only programme which uses the peak shape functions derived from the physics of interactions between emission and registration for the deconvolution of alpha spectra from silicon semiconductor and gridded ionisation chamber detectors

Choose ALPS for Windows for the reliable quantitative analysis of:

  • complex alpha spectra with overlapping peaks
  • alpha spectra measured with poor statistics
  • alpha spectra from thick samples
  • alpha spectra measured with addition of tracer isotope (spike)


The ALPS screenshots section shows various pages from the ALPS software that serve for calibration, library, fitting or other purposes. It makes you familiar with the appearance of the program.
ALPS Screenshots