As described in the introductory paper to alpha particle spectrometry, minimum energy loss is encountered when there is no absorber between the source and the detector, i.e. measurements are made in vacuum and from very thin sources. This is basically true for all high-resolution alpha spectrometry set-ups where many nuclides shall be quantified in one sample.
There are, however, certain detection systems or applications where one has to tolerate energy loss, or where pressurized gas even serves as the detector.

An overview of various types of alpha particle detection devices is given in the files below. Dr. Westmeier will assist you with the procurement of such units, installation and maintenance, in-house training, routine management and performance controls.
The overview is not meant to be complete or to cover all units that are on the market. Presentation or omission of some equipment does by no means imply any positive or negative recommendation towards that unit.

We will support the selection of suitable equipment for your applications and activities.

  1. NIM Chambers and Systems
  2. Frisch Grid Ionization Chamber
  3. In-Situ Measurement
  4. Airborne Alphas
  5. Other Options