HPGe Software

Gamma-W for Windows is a software package for the high precision analysis of gamma-ray spectra from HPGe and Ge(Li) detectors. The programme is especially noted for its accurate and reproducible analysis of small peaks even on high background regimes.
The program contains all options needed for the quantitative analysis of HPGe gamma-ray spectra and all algorithms which are required by German or International law (detection limit, radioactive decay control, uncertainties, documentation, …etc.)
The program comes with a set of nuclide libraries designed for specific purposes e.g. SIPPING analysis in NPPs, nuclear medicine, neutron activation, natural radioactivity and others. User specific libraries are supplied on request at no extra cost.

SIPPING: S-Online and INCORE are software packages for the online measurement and analysis of spectra from reactor core rod sipping (i.e. the measurement of activity in the water surrounding fuel rods and in the extracted air from degassed primary coolant water). These programmes are customer specific developments for AREVA NP (formerly SIEMENS Nuclear Power GmbH, KWU).

Segmented Gamma Scanner (SGS) is a software package for the fully automatic measurement of segments from a 20 litre barrel containing trans-uranium waste. The system determines the contents of uranium, plutonium, and americium isotopes in the barrel down to the 10mg level. The programme is a customer specific development for Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI).

Whole body counter (GKZ) is a software package for the operation of a whole body counter system comprising up to five NaI(Tl) detectors and/or a HPGe detector. The programme manages personal data of the patient, normalises spectra to each other and calculates isotopic contamination down to very low levels.

The capabilities of Gamma-W and Sodigam and ALPS in ONE software package
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The GAMMA-W code was rated among the top spectrometry software packages on the world market in IAEA intercomparisons studies:

M. Blaauw et al.,
“The 1995 IAEA intercomparison of gamma-ray spectrum analysis software”,
Nucl. Instr. Meth, A387 (1997) 416

IAEA Intercomparison study


GAMMA-W software for high-precision analysis of spectra from HPGe detectors

The 32-bit WINDOWS-program is on-line switchable to German, English or French language.

GAMMA-W connects seamlessly with TMCA32, bMCA and DppMCA emulation software; you have only one software package for spectrum measurement and analysis.

GAMMA-W provides an unlimited cost-free Update-Service.

GAMMA-W has analysis options for different applications:

  • Fully automatic spectrum analysis (fast and complete analysis)
  • User-defined peak analysis (detailled high-precision analysis & educational mode)
  • Batch-File analysis (automatic routine analyses)
  • Procedure mode for any number of predefined analysis tasks (Laboratory applications)

GAMMA-W offers all options for quantitative spectrum analysis and nuclide assignment:

  • Selectable sensitivity in units of detection limits
  • Automatic generation of FWHM-function from each spectrum
  • Nonlinear Channel vs. Energy calibration
  • Efficiency as intrinsic function for HPGe or as polynomial (one to nine coefficients)
  • External background correction with full consideration of uncertainties
  • Detection limits, decision threshold, confidence limits and best estimate according to KTA and DIN ISO 11929
  • Comprehensive master library with data for all nuclides having T1/2 ≥ 10 seconds
    (>1500 nuclides, >30000 lines)
  • Application libraries easily generated through excerpting from the master library
  • All library data can be edited
  • Dynamic corrections for collection and decay
  • Interference corrections
  • Multiplet deconvolution considering up to 30 peaks in one region
  • Physics-oriented peakshape description
  • Physics-oriented baseline description
  • Physics-oriented description of Compton background
  • Very stable LSQ-fits without matrix-inversion

GAMMA-W provides numerous I/O options:

  • Six levels of printout
  • Storage of all actions and results in an ASCII protocol file for storage, editing or copying
  • Read-in of spectra from almost all commercial MCAs
  • Storage of spectra as ASCII file
  • Detailled display of spectrum, baseline, fitted peaks and sum-function
  • Screen can be stored as Windows meta file or printed directly (spectrum and fits)
  • 15 units for nuclide activity (e.g.. Bq, Bq/kg, Bq/l, Bq/m3, nCi/kg, µCi/mg…)
  • “Calculus” window for calculations using calibration functions
  • Statistics calculations with consideration of uncertainties (weighted means, +, -, * and /)
  • Free selection of colour scheme in graphics window
  • Access control on a 5-level hierarchy with passwords (for routine applications)
  • HARDLOCK software protection unit (USB)

GAMMA-W provides comprehensive documentation and help:

  • Manual describing all batch commands (CODEWORDS)
  • Quick-Guide with short start-up descriptions
  • PDF manual files on CD or USB-stick (Jump-Drive)
  • Unlimitierted cost-free update-service
  • Hotline-Service during daily working hours


The GAMMA-W screenshots section shows various pages from the GAMMA-W software that serve for calibration, library, fitting or other purposes. It makes you familiar with the appearance of the program. Screenshot from GAMMA-W