Over 30 years of expertise

Dr. Westmeier is an enterprise in the nuclear market that is specialized in quantitative measurement of radiation from nuclear decay and in all related subjects.

With the exception of our secretarial section all employees have PhD qualification and each one has over 30 years of experience in nuclear measurements and applications of nuclear methods. Our competence-pool provides qualified training in Physics, Nuclear- and Radiochemistry, Geochemistry and Nuclear Medicine.

Our employees are highly experienced in:

  • Applications of nuclear spectrometry in environmental supervision
  • Software development for nuclear applications
  • Software development for high-precision analysis of nuclear radiation spectra
  • Applications of nuclear methods in analytical sciences, e.g. neutron activation
  • Applications of nuclear methods in medicine and radiology
  • Spontaneous fission and spallation
  • Statistical data analysis
  • Measuring systems and measurements in high-energy physics, accelerator applications
  • Transmutation reactions for destruction of long-lived nuclear waste
  • Compilation and evaluation of nuclear decay data

Whenever you wish to discuss about applications of measurement of nuclear radiation ask us – we are your competent partner.