Consultation and training
Dr. Westmeier provides the best solutions for your nuclear spectrometry requirements. We design the systems, procure the instrumentation, software, etc. that is needed, carry out installation and tests, and provide personalized end-user training.

Training courses and missions:

Dr. Wolfram Westmeier has been involved in the programmes of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) for over twenty years. He has undertaken training missions in many countries worldwide including USA, Greece, Costa Rica, Tunisia, Myanmar, Thailand, Mongolia,,…. and has been a lecturer in the Agency´s National, Regional, Inter-regional and International Training Courses on nuclear electronics, gamma and alpha spectrometry, nuclear analytical techniques, and the applications of nuclear measurements in environmental and fundamental research. You can take advantage of our vast experience in theoretical and hands-on training which was built up in over 50 international missions.

Dr. Westmeier provides specialized and individual training in many fields of nuclear measurements, detectors, analyzers and methods of data analysis:

  • personalized on-the-job training for instruments, methods and analysis techniques
  • in-house training courses for small groups
  • application oriented training, handling of instruments
  • operation and maintenance of equipment
  • radiation safety training

Contact us for in-house training for your staff members.