About us

The staff of Dr. Westmeier has over 35 years of sound expertise in nuclear spectrometry, in basic research work as well as in applications of nuclear methods in industry, medicine and environmental surveillance.


We develop and market our own software for high-precision analysis of spectra:

  • GAMMA-W for high-resolution gamma-ray spectrometry using HPGe detectors
  • ALPS for alpha-particle spectrometry with semiconductor detectors and gridded ionisation chambers
  • SODIGAM for scintillator spectrometry (NaI(Tl), CsI, BGO, LaBr3(Ce), CeBr3, SrI2, …) as well as for analysis of X-ray spectra measured with proportional counters

We develop and service your customer-specific software:

  • SIPPING: S_online and INCORE for sipping analyses in NPP
  • Barrel-Scanning for quantification of trans-uranium elements
  • Quality control of ³²P-activated stents
  • Whole-body counter
  • Industrial routine measurements using specific procedures
  • Automatic supervision of decontamination or storage plants

Hardware, Service, Training

We provide, install and service your nuclear measuring systems:

  • Standard-systems from all suppliers
  • Our own systems, particularly developed for your needs and according to your specifications
  • Detectors, digital multichannel analyzers, systems based on NIM electronics

Our own developments:

  • Fully automatic continuous supervision of activity in tanks, pipes, storage facilities or chimneys
  • In-tank or well-type systems for storage plants in radiology and nuclear medicine
  • Food contamination measurement, designed even for reliable quantification through laymen

We offer qualified and independent consultation for your laboratory design as well as on-site training in nuclear spectrometry, nuclear measuring techniques and nuclear applications.


Our staff are actively taking part in research activities on:

  • Nuclear reactions with high-energy ions
  • Applications of nuclear spectrometry in environmental assay
  • Development of software for high-precision analysis of spectra
  • Development of new algorithms for spectrum analysis
  • Analytical techniques in nuclear chemistry and nuclear physics
  • Applications in nuclear medicine
  • Spontaneous fission and spallation
  • Analysis of statistical data
  • Terminal elimination of long-lived radioactive waste through transmutation
  • Compilation and evaluation of nuclear decay data

We are a small enterprise devoting plenty time to research.