Software – Made in Germany

We consult you well and provide:

  • Software for high-precision analysis of gamma-ray and alpha particle spectra
  • Components and systems for quantitative measurement of nuclear radiation by gamma-ray, X-ray or alpha-particle spectrometry
  • Complete spectrometers with installation, calibration, user instructions and training, after-sales service and long-term technical service
  • Treatment and supervision of radioactive waste in nuclear medicine, radiology and industry
  • Environmental supervision systems
  • Personal and Environmental dosimetry

Education, Training and Advanced Training in spectrometry and its applications.

We provide components or complete systems, developed according to your specifications:

  • Standard NIM components from e.g. CANBERRA, ORTEC, C.A.E.N., FAST-ComTec, Phillips Scientific, iseg, mesytec and other producers
  • NIM or CAMAC crates, high voltage power supplies, linear amplifiers, ADC, logic modules, MCA plug-in cards
  • Multichannel analyzers for example from FLIR (ex TARGET), CANBERRA, FAST-ComTec, ITECH-Instruments, Amptek, BrightSpec, C.A.E.N.
  • Lead shields, glove boxes, protective wear
  • High-precision spectrum analysis GAMMA-W, ALPS, SODIGAM and others
  • Detectors: HPGe, Scintillation detectors (NaI(Tl), LaBr3(Ce), CsI, BGO, CeBr3, SrI2, etc…), Semiconductor detectors (Surface Barrier, PIPS or ULTRA), Ionisation chambers, Lukas-Chambers
  • Gridded ionisation chamber
  • Loss-free-counting-components (LFC)
  • Digital multichannel analyzers for scintillation-, HPGe- and Alpha-spectrometry
  • Automatic NaI(Tl) spectrometry employing many detectors for surveillance of radioactive waste in nuclear medicine
  • In-situ-spectrometry with HPGe, NaI(Tl), BrilLanCe, CeBr3, PIPS/ULTRA semiconductor detectors, as well as counting measurements with Ionisation Chambers


Our own developments:

  • Food contamination measurement (also good for environmental investigations)
  • Online supervision of radioactivity in decay systems for nuclear medicine and radiology
  • Online analysis of rod defects in the reactor core
  • Whole-body counter employing up to 12 big NaI(Tl)- or 4 HPGe-detectors
  • Very high-resolution Alpha-spectrometry for quantification of 239Pu and 240Pu
  • Alpha-spectrometry of powder samples, drop samples, air filters without chemistry
  • Room temperature (scintillation-) gamma-spectrometer for fully automatic supervision of rooms, storage, pipes, chimneys
  • Segmented gamma-scanner for quantification of Pu-isotopes in sealed barrels
  • Measurement of total activity and homogeneity of ³²P on cardiac stents

We deliver, install and service your hardware and software for nuclear applications.